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Beware Of Late-Season Heating System Problems

heating repair rhode islandWell, we’re heading into the last weeks of the heating season, with warmer months on the horizon here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

But as we New Englanders know better than most, heating season ain’t over until it’s over.

With evening temperatures in our area dipping into the low 50s as late as Memorial Day, your heating system still has some work to do this spring – and if you skipped routine heating maintenance this year, you might consider taking care of that now rather than waiting until fall.

Six Signs You Need Heating System Repairs

Here are some things that may indicate that your heating equipment needs attention from a heating repair professional:

  1. It’s making strange noises (grinding, banging, etc.)
  2. Your vents are not blowing hot air, or your baseboards are not heating up
  3. Your utility bills are rising compared to last year, despite comparable use
  4. If you have a gas furnace with a pilot light, the pilot light is burning yellow
  5. Your furnace won’t turn or stay on
  6. Your furnace won’t shut off

If your heating equipment is showing any of these warning signs, contact us for service.

Prevent Heating Repairs With Annual Maintenance

The key to preventing potentially costly heating repairs is to get your equipment serviced regularly, whether or not your heating system is showing warning signs. An annual tune-up for your furnace or boiler will help address any issues that could get worse down the road.

If your equipment already needs a repair, it’s still better to catch the problem sooner than later; the more you wait, the greater the chance for a breakdown.

Avoid late-season heating problems with expert heating service performed by the highly trained technicians at our parent company, Wesco Oil!

Contact us today to upgrade to a Wesco Oil account and schedule heating oil equipment maintenance in RI or MA!

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